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As a consulting company, EKSPERT-SITR LTD in Koszalin came into being on the 1st of March 1992.


Technology and construction projects

We develop technology and construction projects in the field of renewable energy sources adapted to the conditions and requirements of the investor and the resources held by him.


Environmental protection

We develop such reports on the impact of projects on the environment with particular emphasis on projects related to renewable energy sources.


RES Projects

We carry out projects co-financed from the European Social are called upon.



We work with research institutions, agricultural advisory centers, experts from various fields.


Real Estate Appraisal



EKSPERT-SITR Ltd. Also deals with searching for new technical and technological solutions. We cooperate with high-class engineers, specialists and scientific units. We design technological solutions dedicated to industries in areas such as:

  • the use of renewable energy sources,
  • innovative heat and power circuits,
  • innovative methods and techniques of treatment,
  • improvement of mass and energy flows,
  • innovative technologies of waste management including hazardous waste,
  • energetic use of waste, including sewage,
  • biofuel production of I, II, III generation
  • using of algae in industry,
  • using of fuel cell in the industry,
  • production of butadiene,
  • smart grids - power management SMART GRID
  • innovative technologies of thermal utilization.

We develop solutions on behalf of our clients, but we also conduct development activities, the result of which are patent claims:

  • "A method of hydrolysis of lignocellulosic material in a continuous process" ("Sposób hydrolizy surowca lignocelulozowego w procesie ciągłym")
    date of notification: 31.05.2011, notification under P. 395072
  • "A complex system for sewage sludge management and other biomass, particularly as renewable energy sources" ("Kompleksowy system zagospodarowania osadów ściekowych i innej biomasy, zwłaszcza jako odnawialnego źródła energii")
    date of notification: 01.09.2008, notification under P.385987
  • "A method of electricity, heat energy, fertilizer and/or feed and ethanol producing from agricultural products and waste products in agro-processing industry" ("Sposób wytwarzania energii elektrycznej, cieplnej, nawozów i/lub pasz oraz etanolu z płodów rolnych i odpadów poprodukcyjnych w przemyśle rolno przetwórczym")
    date of notification: 20.08.2008, notification under P.385950
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